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1.04 Design Qualifications

  Substrate Wall Systems

A.  Shall be engineered and approved by others.

B.  The substrate deflection under full flexural design loads shall not exceed 1/240 times the span.  The wall system shall be approved as a flat surface within ¼” (6.4mm) in a 4’-0” (1.2m) radius.

C.  The contractor shall be responsible to ensure that the substrate surface wall is of a type and condition of an approved standard.

D.  Cement Board installations must be properly installed, finished and cleaned.

E.  Concrete surfaces shall be free of dust and environmental contaminants or existing form agents.

F.  Existing stucco lamina’s shall comply with the correct installation guidelines, be of an approved clean soil resistant surface and be of a structurally sound and intact.

G.  Decorative Molding Ideas Inc must approve EIFS, manufacture.

H.  Masonry block and veneer installations must meet the inspection requirements of Decorative Moldings Ideas Inc.

Detail Requirements

A.     The Entire Architectural Profile shall be installed with back wrapping in accordance to the EIFS manufactures specifications to allow for detail to merge as one with the wall cladding system.

B.      As set of in the EIFS manufactures specifications Architectural details of this specification must not be installed as a roof or parapet detail solely on their own.  Flashing specifications and the requirements to be met are still in effect and shall remain the responsibility of the Architect/ Designer.

C.     Alternate Surfaces that come into contact with various weather conditions shall be designed with a slope to allow for run off of weather conditions.

D.     Slope requires on inclines surfaces shall be designed as follows:

1)  Minimum 6” slope (152 mm) in vertical dimension per 12” (305 mm of Horizontal projection.)

2)  Sill applications and the tops of bands and incline applications must be sloped to allow for drainage. 

3)  Maximum frontal projection of slope shall be 10” (254mm)


A.   Expansion Joints

4)  The design and location of all expansion joints shall remain the responsibility of the Architect / Designer.  Decorative Molding Ideas Inc. recommends a minimum of 7/8” wide allowance on expansion joints that are configured directly through the installed Architectural profiles. Failure to provide expansions within the profiles may lead to buckling, failure of joint and seals, adhesion loss or other detrimental effects.

5)  Expansion joints within the Architectural profiles must be installed in respect to the following conditions within the project:

i)        Where the building expansions joints are required where they exist within the structure substrate.

ii)       Where the Architectural profiles intersect with dissimilar surfaces or materials.

iii)       Where expansion joints occur within the exterior cladding system.

iv)      Extra expansion above and beyond may be required as a result of the projects structural conditions.

F.    Control Joints:

Control joints are required to conform to the substrate movements.  As per the manufactures specifications, Architects must apply the purpose within a structure design.  Control joints must be installed not more than 40 feet o.c.  See sealant requires, to protect joints from water infiltration.

  G.     Sealants –Shall comply will EIMA 300.01

Sealant surrounding the details may be installed after 24 to 48 after the basecoat has cured.  The lamina shall be completely dry prior to the start of any sealant installation.

All Sealant installations shall comply with the E.I.F.S Manufactures specifications.  Sealant applications comprise of an approved sealant, closed cell backer rod, bond tape, approved primer for either side of the sealant bead and any other specific accessories that may be required.

Decorative Molding Ideas Inc requests that all Architectural installations outside the standard conditions of building requirements be consulted prior to the installation. Decorative Molding Ideas Inc. must be consulted surrounding all non-standard project conditions.


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