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PART 1-General

1.01 Description

a. Decorative Molding Ideas Inc. manufactures a complete line of Pre-coated Architectural Details. All of our EPS Foam profiles have been precisely cut to match our client’s specifications. A layer of fiberglass re-inforcing mesh has been embedded with accuracy within this profile. Each profile is then coated with a Polymer Modified acrylic based cementitious coating. The high level of polymer allows for a superb flexibility level for lasting performance. Each profile is professionally completed and carefully reviewed by our supervisors to assure an Architectural profile that is ready for installation and Finishing EIFS type Architectural Application.

b. Decorative Moldings Ideas Inc. Has created a collection of profile designs that are currently displayed in our DMI profile Collection Catalog available On-Line at www.dmiproducts.com Further inquires may be discussed by contacting our office at 519-739-2910 or toll free at 1-866-989-0998. Emails may be directed to info@dmiproducts.com

1.02 Related Work Elsewhere

a. Sec. 07240-Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems
b. Sec. 07900-Sealant
c. Sec. 04200 –Unit Masonry
d. Sec 05400 –Metal Framing
e. Sec 03300 –Cast in Place Concrete
f. Sec 06100 –Framing

1.03 Terms & Definitions:

A. Architects-Designer: A licensed professional under a contactor with an owner and specifies the Architectural Details to be used.

B. Adhesive: A material to the back of a DMI profile, which is used to attach the pre-coated profile to a suitable substrate.

C. Basecoat: The material applied to the EPS Shaped profile, this coating encapsulates the reinforcing mesh together with the EPS shape and provides a protective shell surrounding the Profile. This Polymer Modified basecoat allows for flexibility and weather protective coating. Once completed the smooth surface is ready for primer along with a trowel applied or spray applied Architectural coatings.

D. Back Wrapping: Where the reinforcing fiberglass mesh is peeled away from the backside of the profile around the 90 Degree termination edge. The portion of the mesh will later on become part of the wall cladding lamina uniformly.

E. Contractor: Qualified and experienced Contractor-Applicator (sub-trade) that is hired to install the Architectural Details.

F. Details: An Architectural shapes such as Keystones, Corner Quoins, Columns, Window Sills, Door trim, Bands or a profile type of similar design. When these Pre-coated EPS shaped pieces are installed they create an esthetic design to an approved substrate.

G. EPS: Expanded polystyrene rigid insulation also referred to as Insulation. Precisely shaped and used as a profile form for DMI’s Pre-coated Architectural Shapes. The insulation shall be Type 1, nominal density of 16kg/m3 (1lb/ft3), compliant to the ULC01-96, as per the National Building Code.

H. Finish: Architects / Designers have the option to specify a suitable Finish conductive to prevalent external conditions and compatible to our DMI basecoat. Architectural coating products within the E.I.F.S. industry are typically formulated with a 100% acrylic polymer based material. Color and texture choices are offered in a variety of selections.

I. Joints:
  1. Expansion Joint –This joint divides directly through the substrate on the building wall. This area allows for contraction and expansion of the entire structure. Dissimilar construction substrates, discontinuity of construction products and deflection control.
  2. Architectural Expansion (Control Joints): A joint which junctures the building substrate and allows for independent movement on the wall assembly.
  3. Product Joints: where Architectural Details are either butted or mitered together to create an aesthetic continuance on a building structure.

J. Mechanical Fastener: An approved device, used in conjunction with DMI’s detail moldings. Mechanical fasteners should be installed in conjunction with an approved substrate.

K. Reinforcing Mesh: Fiberglass fabric that is embedded within the basecoat layer. This fabric must be of an approved acidity to be encapsulated jointly with a polymer modified basecoat. Once embedded the process allows for strength and flexibility within the lamina.

L. Flashing: Metal or alternative suitable material that is required within the scope of exterior wall construction. The architect / Designer shall ensure that the proper flashing specifications are included within the project.

M. Lamina: A consistent layer of Re-inforcing mesh that has been embedded within the basecoat and finished with an architectural coating.

N. Owner: The individual that legally retains ownership of the project.

O. Sheathing: A sheet or specified construction board that has been installed over a framed wall system, thereby providing the substrate.

P. Substrate: A wall surface that has been specified to have an EIFS cladding system / Architectural profiles or alternate construction materials attached and installed over the sheathing material.


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