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1.10 Limited Materials & Labor Warranty:

1.) Decorative Molding Ideas Inc shall provide a one (1) year limited warranty on its products, against defects in workmanship or materials. This warranty s valid of a limited time of one (1) year from the date of pick-up for delivery. Warranty claims are conditional upon the Architectural products specifications as follows:

2.) All Architectural products that are claimed to be defective must be returned to the Decorative Molding Ideas Inc facility. A return authorization number must be provided by the DMI facility prior to the return of defective goods. All products will be examined for defects shall be examined and approved if the items qualify within our facility. All approved defects shall be either repaired of replaced at the discretion of the Decorative Molding Ideas Inc supervisors.

3.) All products and materials must be properly handled and storage as previously discussed within our specifications. Any storage and handling procedures that fall short of the standard instruction shall void this limited warrantee. No exceptions shall be granted.

4.) The release of warrantee documents from Decorative Molding Ideas Inc. will be made available only after all of the project materials supplied are paid in full. No exceptions shall be granted.

5.) Decorative Molding Ideas Inc reserves the right to inspect all warranty claims under this limited one (1) year warranty. Decorative Molding Ideas Inc shall inspect the projects site, installation conditions, products installed and review all conditions surrounding the claim. Upon evaluation Decorative Molding Ideas Inc shall provide a truthful decision as to if the claim or any products warrant any deflects causes in part by our products.

6.) Prior to the installation of each profile, the consumer, applicator and or owner must inspect the workmanship of our products. Once the products have been accepted and installed on the project site, the architectural products are to be legally deemed acceptable for use by all parties involved within the project. No defects shall be warranted or monetary losses claimed for the removal of profiles and or deflects that should have been discovered prior to the installation process. Decorative Molding Ideas Inc shall not be responsible for any or all monetary cost for replacement of profiles and labor.

7.) The purchaser of the products shall make no credits or deducted allowances automatically. The full amount of all invoices shall be made payable to Decorative Molding Ideas Inc.

8.) All Decorative Molding Ideas Inc products are to be installed as per their intended purpose. No alternation will be acceptable or warranted. The Architect/ Designer shall be responsible to observe the contractors application of the products. The contractor shall install all products and similar materials as per the E.I.F.S. and alternated manufactures procedures. Decorative Molding Ideas Inc is not responsible for installation procedures and any concerns that result in the failure of our products due to improper installation procedures.

9.) Decorative Molding Ideas shall not be liable to any Individual, Firm, Company for incidental or consequential damages. No damages, penalties, including, but not limited to, freight charges and any shipment damage concerns, labor & installation costs, Time line allowances, finishing, lost of profits, project delays, and sales etc.

10.) The contractor shall properly execute a request for warranty together with a completed project information form. Upon review of the information, deemed acceptable, Decorative Molding Ideas Inc shall provide our one (1) year limited warranty on its products, against defects in workmanship or materials. The contractor shall agree an offer a written one (1) year limited labor and workmanship warranty together in part with the Decorative Molding Ideas Inc one (1) year limited product warrantee.


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