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1.05 Performance Standards

a)                 a)   EIMA 105.01 standard Testing method of Alkali resistance of Fiberglass reinforcing mesh for use if the Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems. (E.I.F.S.)

b)                 b)   EIMA 101.86 standard test method for impact resistance of Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems. (E.I.FS.)

c)                 c)   EIMA 101.83 standard test method for the strength bond of adhesive basecoats in Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems. (E.I.FS.)

d)                 d)   ASTM-E84 ULC Test Method. Surface burning characteristics of building materials.

e)                 e)   ASTM-E84 ULC 102 Test Method.  Smoke Development characteristics of building materials.

f)                   f)   ASTM-E96 Test Method.  Vapor permeability characteristics of building materials.

g)                 g)   ASTM-C67 Standard test method for the freeze thaw resistance of Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (E.I.FS.)

h)                 h)   C578 specification for performed polystyrene thermal insulation.

i)                    i  Water Penetration -CSA Method, 60 cycles

j)                   j)   Water Absorption –CCMC Method

k)                  k)  Water Impermeability, CCMC Method

a)                 l)   ASTM-C203 (Elasticity) Test Method.  Mandrel flexibility characteristics of building materials.

b)                 m) Sealants with EIFS Class PB, and 300.01 Minimum sealant elongation requirement.


1.06 Submittals –prior to the commencement of the project:


  1. A.   SAMPLES: The architectural profiles shown with there utilized area’s specified will represent the Architectural profiles to be installed with the building project.
  2. B.    The specifications set out by the manufactures along with copies of all installation instructions and the details chosen shall be submitted.
  3. C.   The Architectural coating texture and color selected to be applied to the Architectural profiles shall be submitted.


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