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1.11 Policies & Procedures –Quotation & Order Form Requirements.

a.) In order of our company to evaluate and execute your quotation and orders. We have enclosed a project information quotation form or Order form to assist you in our requirements. We require accurate information to professionally execute and process our client’s needs. Decorative Moldings Ideas Inc shall not be held liable for any unforeseen circumstances or changes in detailing requirements outside of the information that was originally submitted to our facility.

b.) Clear and precise information will avoid delays in the execution of your needs. Your requirements will not be processed unless of staff is 100% sure of the project detailing. A call to our facility for further clarification may avoid delays or errors in the future. We will be glad to assist your needs!

c.) Upon the placement of your order, our office will notify the recipient with an order notification. Decorative Molding Ideas Inc. personnel team corresponds directly with all of our clients as to the status their order.

d.) Our lead times start the day that the placement of the order is completed. Lead Times & scheduling may be decreased or increase with production limitations. In the event of peak season, extremely high demand or any unforeseen circumstances, which may affect production lead times, the client will receive notification as soon as possible.

e.) Changes, additions and or cancellations to orders placed will only be permitted within 24 hours of the placement of order.

f.) A 25% re-stocking fee will apply to all standard stock items that are cancelled, or reduced quantities after the 24-hour order placement limitation period has expired.

g.) James Insert Foot Note
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Custom Order may not be cancelled after the 24-hour order placement limitation period has expired. All custom orders require a minimum deposit of 50% of the value of the order. Deposits must be made payable to Decorative Molding Ideas Inc, prior to the commencement of the custom order. Should circumstances arise and the Decorative Molding Idea’s Facility honor’s a cancellation of custom statue. The purchaser shall be liable for all labour and material cost incurred by the Decorative Molding Idea’s Facility. The charges shall be made payable in full by the purchaser. Custom work deposits are non –Refundable.

h.) Should additional quantities or changes to any order be implemented after the 24 hours time allowance, Decorative Molding ideas Inc. shall not be held liable for any delay timelines or costs for the adjustments. Decorative Molding Ideas will strive towards and allow reasonable efforts to maintain the original time schedule restraints for the client. Requests made after the 24 hours time allowance may propose delays for completion dates, project scheduling. In the event of alternations and or additions to an order, the date of revision shall reflect the ordering date, thus altering the completion date.

i.) Decorative Molding Ideas shall not be held liable for delays in shipping due to Custom delays and or holidays interruptions.

j.) Decorative Molding Ideas Inc. requires a minimum order of $100.00 net value on all orders placed for shipments. All shipping charges will be extra above the $100.00 net value.

k.) Decorative Molding Ideas Inc charge one-time setup fees for custom detailing and modifications. Decorative Molding Ideas Inc. shall retain all manufactured Equipment, templates, forms, jigs, custom moulds etc. All material and labour charges for these items shall be charged to the customer. Once the custom detailing equipment has been designed, the customer will have the ability to re-order the custom profile at a standard rate with no further set-up charges. The final custom work requirements produced shall remain the property of Decorative Molding Ideas Inc. After a period of 24 months or more the property may be discarded from the DMI archives.


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