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1.08 Products delivery & Storage and Handling:

a.) All product material must be protected from direct external conditions either through temporary or permanent provisions. Ideal conditions for protection consist of a shaded (non direct sun exposure), cool, dry locations. External temperature shall remain above the 40º F (4ºC).

b.) All architectural profiles are professional packaged prior to the shipment from our factory. Delivery of the architectural materials shall remain in the original package, unopened with the destination labels intact until final delivery to the project site.

c.) Material Safety Data sheets for adhesives and basecoats should be made readily available.

d.) When transporting the profiles on a projects site. The foam back should face away while the base coated profile faces inward towards the person for whom is carrying the object. Never pick up a molding in a flat position with the EPS foam face or base coated face facing down towards the floor. The profiles will not disperse the weight evenly across the 8’ span.

e.) Buckling, cracking or breakage may be avoided by carrying the profiles in a correct position, hands spread evenly apart across the 8’ span. Ideally 2’-6” from the ends on either side. Always remember to support the entire length. Hold the profile secure straight while moving. The carrier shall attempt to limit the stress or drastic flexural changes will in motion. Never pick up a profile from the end or middle of the pieces, this causes undue stress on the profile.

f.) Carefully place the profile down in place and roll the profiles back onto a flat secure position.

g.) All profiles shall be stored on flat true surface. Special notice and care should be taken when stacked profile on top of one another.

1.09 Project Conditions

A. Project Site Conditions:

The contractor shall have access of electric or generated power, clean potable water and a clean job site in order to install the DMI Architectural Profiles.

B. Environmental Conditions:

1.) As specified by the EIMA and the EIFS manufactures regulations the ambient air and wall surface temperature conditions shall remain above 40º F (4ºC) for at least 24 hours or thereafter if required for the material to sufficiently dry.

2.) All Adhesive or base coating products shall be applied only at temperatures above 40º F (4ºC). All procedures shall comply with the E.I.F.S Manufactures specifications.

3.) Supplemental heating within an enclosed area must be provided for a minimum of 24 hours prior, during and subsequent to the installation to maintain a minimum temperature of 40º F (4ºC) or above. All products to be installed shall be allowed to acclimatize for a minimum period of 24 hours prior to the commencement of the installation procedure. Note: This temperature must be maintained for a minimum of 24 hours or more after the final installation. All procedures shall comply with the E.I.F.S Manufactures specifications.

C. Protections:

1.) The use of temporary heat within an enclosed area shall be provided to maintain a minimum temperatures of 40º F (4ºC) or above.

2.) The usage of protective tarps over the architectural products may be implemented, however it is important that excess heat, humidity or condensation levels. Measures should be taken in order to prevent excess air entrapment or heat build-up under the tarps.

4.) The surrounding project area shall be clean or debris. The DMI Architectural profiles are shall remain protected from splatter or debris spills.


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