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1.12 Production Times Allowances:

1.) Estimated completion production time allowances shall be provided within the quotation to our clients. They are to be implemented for estimated purposes only. Upon placement of an order the scheduling may be decreased or increase with production limitations. In the event of peak season, extremely high demand or any unforeseen circumstances, which may affect production lead times, the client will receive notification as soon as possible. Decorative Molding Ideas Inc shall not be held liable for time delays, penalties or other charge backs, which may arise.

2.) Standard stock items may be made available to the consumer within 10 working days from the date of order. Depending on stock availability and quantities required. Orders with greater than 50 pieces of one particular item will be provided with a production lead-time upon receipt of order.

3.) Custom order will be reviewed and target production times will be provided to the client. Production lead-time is based on the complexity, quantity and design requirements on the clients needs.

4.) Requests for special delivery or early delivery times will be subject extra surcharges. In the event, each request will be handled and the client through written consent on a quotation shall accept a notification of the extra charges. Upon acceptance the special request will proceed.

5.) Completion times for custom modified or revised production orders will be provided to the client as soon as possible.


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