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1.15 Return Policy & Limitations:

1.) Decorative Molding Ideas shall provide written permission of all returns. Returns will not be permissible without prior written consent from our facility. Upon approval of a return, our office will issue a return approval number directly to the client. The acceptance of returned without a return authorization number will not be permitted. No exceptions will be tolerated. Please contact our staff with any return concerns, immediately.

2.) Upon the issue of a return approval number the customer has 2 weeks to return the merchandise to our facility. No returns will be accepted after the 2 weeks period has expired.

3.) The return approval number must be clearly marked on all return documents and packaging.

4.) Decorative molding Ideas Inc reveres the right to refuse any returns that are either deemed non-returnable for unacceptable for future re-sale. Authorized product returns that have been returned or shipped to the DMI facility are subject to additional declines upon product acceptance. All products that are returned in an unacceptable state for future re-sale will be returned to the customer including all shipping, duty and tax charges made payable to the customer. All unauthorized returns will be refused.

5.) All products modified in any way, damaged or exposed to environmental conditions, or custom re-works shall be deemed non-returnable. No exceptions.

6.) All pending returns, on acceptable goods only, shall be valid for a 60-day period from the date of purchases invoice. Merchandise over the 61-day period shall therefore be deemed non-returnable.

7.) The customer shall remain responsible for the PRE-PAID Freight charges on all approved returns. Decorative Molding Ideas will not accept returns on COLLECT Freights.

8.) All IMPORT or EXPORT taxes, duty charges etc. shall be charged to the customer upon return of the accepted goods.

9.) All custom products will be deemed Non-Returnable. No exceptions.

10.) All authorized returns will be subject to a 25% re-stocking charge. No exceptions.


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