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Shipping and Freight Regulations 1.13 - 1.14

1.13 Freight -Ground or Air Transit

1.) Decorative Molding Idea’s shall have final decision when accepting the appropriate transit carrier, either ground or air for selection of their client’s product services.

2.) All orders are FOB

3.) The customer shall pay all Shipping transportation charges. All transit charges are to be billed “FREIGHT COLLECT” from our DMI Facility directly to our client’s location for acceptance. Special discounts arrangements may be made available on larger order quantities. Please contact our office for information when placing a substantial order quantity.

4.) Deliver of materials to oversea locations will be subject to a 7% surcharge, Due to extra paperwork, packaging concerns and special handling requirements.

5.) Decorative Molding Ideas shall not be held liable for delays in shipping due to Custom delays and or holidays interruptions.

1.14 Acceptance of Damages & Shortage Notifications:

1.) The customer shall be responsible for the acceptance of delivery. Should a delivery be accepted off of a freight source in a damaged condition. The customer shall be solely responsible for the filing paperwork of freight damage claims.

2.) All packages are to be fully inspected upon arrival to the drop off site, prior to the removal from the transportation source. All damages shall be correctly documented on the carrier’s waybills. Digital of 35MM Photo’s may capture the damages for visual proof of the transported goods. Immediate notification to the carrier of damages must be implemented.

3.) If an order arrives in damaged condition, the customer shall reserve the right to mark damaged on the transported paperwork and refuse the order drop. Digital of 35MM Photo’s may capture the damages for visual proof of the refusal of transported goods.

4.) Decorative Molding Ideas Inc shall be notified within 48 hours of receipt of either damaged goods or shortages within the order. The customer shall be responsible for the direct notification of all concerns to the DMI office.


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