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Vividly Imagine how Prominent, Artistic and Refined the European Structure were build Centuries ago. Their cultural Influence has accredited a lasting effect on Architecture for decades.
By reflecting on the passion of stonemasons throughout the World, a revival and transformation is presently being Elegantly restored, thru the affordability of EPS Architectural profiles incorporated to replicate the stone masonry of generations ago…

Decorative Moldings Ideas Inc. has created a collection of EPS Architectural profile designs that are available 24 hours a day in our DMI profile Collection catalog. Striving towards a diverse partnership between all parties in the industry, we encourage Architects Designers, Contractors and Owners to browse through our web site. Throughout your experience our company will vividly display the unlimited Design options that are available in today’s market.

By selecting the gallery tab one may browse through an abundant selection of projects sites. We have incorporated a Residential and Commercial collection to display the industries possibilities. Within each category one may exhibit enlarged views by clicking to enlarge the digital images.

Our profile collection has been designed to allow for Architects and Designers to incorporate variances in profile slopes as required to the designers needs. Architectural products such as Columns, Capitals & Bases, Pilasters, Corner Quoins, Architectural moldings, starter components and more are outlined in our collection for accessibility. Individuals may logo onto our site to import our CAD collection directly onto detailed plans, thus saving valuable time to the individual.

Our company has displayed Cost Savings products that guarantee the contractor to improve the quality of labor and labor time required to complete the project. Contractors are encouraged to view our contractor’s newsletter that showcases the new procedures and innovative products that are streamlining the industry. A short visit to our Contractors newsletter within this catalog may save your company time and labor management for years to come. Take advantage of the new direction for which the industry is moving towards.

A clearance center has been implemented within the profile collection on this site allowing individuals a chance to save money by selecting quality profiles on overstocked, or discounted item pricing. Browsers may take advantage of these price reductions, as they are limited.

Architects and Designers may incorporate form & function in a collaboration of there our style to create Custom profiles requirements around their clients needs. Owners wishing to communicate their personal ideals may review this site with the professional team members. Upon review the final result may lead Architects and Designers to a more precise envision as to their clients needs.

We have included a Forms selection within this site. Online quotation and ordering forms are at your service 24 hours a day. Our staff is readily available to suit your custom needs.

By browsing the INFO and ABOUT US chapters of this site our company will express to our viewers just how lightweight and accessible these EPS Architectural profiles are within today’s construction industry. The design options are unlimited. From the installation procedures, terms & definitions, custom detailing requirements and Specifications. We have collaborated the entire site to facilitate your design needs.

RELAX, ENJOY and envision the POSSIBILITIES of our EPS Architectural products on your next project. 

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